Monday, November 17, 2014


I was having a conversation with a co-worker(I’ll call him George), and the MUZAK system started playing a song by Kylie Minogue called “I can’t get you out of my head” I mentioned that a former co-worker hated pop music, he would go on for hours if I’d let him about how all pop music artists were talentless hacks who owe their livelihood to auto-tune more than any real talent, with the lone exception of Kylie Minogue and the song “I Can’t Get You Out of My Head” was his favorite song and it showed that SHE had real talent.

As part of the conversation “George” said that he likes Miley Cyrus. Now I couldn't care less about what pop singer “George” likes, but I mentioned that I never willingly listened to a Miley Cyrus song, and then I had to correct myself.

Last year when the big media generated “controversy” broke about Miley Cyrus appearing nude in the video for her song “Wrecking Ball” I like millions of other people around the world sought out the aforementioned video online. Now I’m not going to give you my opinion on the song or Miley Cyrus’ talent as a singer, but I am going to tell you what I did when I watched the video.

The video opens with an extreme close-up on Cyrus’ face as she starts singing. The video was in high def and it was playing on my computer’s monitor and I’m sitting maybe 2 feet from it. Watching the video, as she’s singing I notice that she has this “thread” of saliva connecting her top and bottom teeth. It was hypnotic. My eyes stayed glued to this little strand of spit as I waited for it to break, it didn’t, ever. All the way through the video whenever they cut back to that close-up the saliva strand was still there hanging on like a trooper. As I was watching, I remember thinking why couldn't they stop and give this girl a drink of water?

So, yes I have willingly watched a Miley Cyrus video, but the whole naked swinging on a wrecking ball thing is but a blur in my memory, and all I can recall about the damn thing is that she has saliva that might possibly be used as a bungee cord.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Malaysia Airlines plane

I've been following coverage of this disappearance of this airliner and it is a real tragedy, but I can't help thinking that in the 21st century, with in flight WiFi becoming more commonplace, I think it's ridiculous that commercial airliners don't send real time position and status/condition updates to their airline's central servers. It would aid with diagnosing problems in flight and would help pinpoint an actual search location should the airliner have to ditch in the ocean(as I'm assuming this one did). With RADAR the minute the airliner falls below a certain altitude it is no longer viewable on RADAR.

Monday, February 17, 2014


It's funny how life interferes with your plans. When I started this I had planned to do a few updates a week, nothing earth shattering to be sure, I'm simply not that interesting. Ah well, I'm here now and I want to say something that's at once clever and insightful, deep and thoughtful, but instead ...

Walt Longmire.

Who? Walt Longmire!

Who? Ok, I'll tell you. Walt Longmire is a character created by Craig Johnson in his series of mystery novels with the completely original subtitle "Walt Longmire Mysteries". The series of novels, which currently stands at nine in number with a few more short stories. The novels have been adapted into a TV series on A&E entitled "Longmire". When I say "adapted" I should say that the producers took the characters and situations of the novels and completely ignored them. Well, I'm not being fair when I say that, because most of the book series is comprised of internal dialogue from Walt's perspective and by and large the reader only sees and hears what Walt sees and hears, that works great in a novel(or short story) but doesn't really work when it has to be depicted on screen with 40 or so minutes to tell the story, so changes had to be made.

As seems to happen a lot to me lately, I only "discovered" the novels after watching the TV show(the same happened with the "Dexter" series, and the "Sookie Stackhouse" series, which served as the basis for the now(pardon the pun)long in the tooth HBO series "True Blood").

I first became aware of "Longmire" the TV series through following one of its stars Katee Sackhoff on Twitter (@kateesackhoff) who I liked in Battlestar Galactica when she played Starbuck.

Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County Wyoming, he and his small force of Deputies deal with all sorts of problems in the TV series, from running for re-election against one of his long time deputies, to a brash young woman Deputy from Philadelphia who has more than a few skeletons in her closet. It's a fun show to watch, strong characters and interesting plots, but like with the other two series I mentioned, the novels are so much better.

One of the things that is missing in the TV series, is Walt's sense of humor, Walt(in the novels) is a great at observational humor and a lot of funny one liners, it helps to have the humor in the novels to break up the often dark storylines,(in the novel "As The Crow Flies" Walt and a new Cheyenne Reservation Chief of Police have to investigate the death of a young mother who plunged to her death off a high cliff while holding her 6 month old son).

Remember what I said about planning? Yeah going to have to end this for now, I hope to get back to this some time soon. In the mean time if you would like a good read to get you through those cold winter nights you could do a lot worse than "The Cold Dish", the first Walt Longmire novel written by Craig Johnson.